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Integrated Logistic Support

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Production Engineering & Assistance

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ABANCE has an Integrated Combat System Division whose purpose is to support all tasks required for the integration of combat and navigation systems present on a warship.

Our I.C.S. Division is formed by the following departments:

Software Design & Integration Department


Life Cycle Support Department (Combat, Platform & Governing Systems)


Mechanical Integration Department

  • Software Design to implement integration of Warship Combat Systems (SCOMBA System developed in collaboration with FABA).
  • Assistance Services to Life Cycle Support of Spanish Navy (Combat, Platform & Governing Systems) in collaboration with FABA
  • Design of Warship System Consoles & on-board customized integration.
  • Design of Warship System Cabin Controls & on-board customized integration.

Electronic Integration Department

Combat, Communication & Platform Systems Integration Department


Program & Configuration Department of P.L.C. Systems

  • Integration Studies & Integration of Electronic Devices of Warship Systems.
  • Protocol Design for Testing and Commissioning of Warship Systems
  • Integration of Warship Communication Systems.
  • Integration of Warship Combat Systems & Warship Power Platform
  • Development of Automation Systems by integration/programming commercial P.L.C. systems.
  • Protocol Design for Testing & Commissioning.
  • Testing & Commissioning. Predictive Maintenance Services